IKC Practice

Practice Times

The track is available for practice from Wednesday to Sunday except on public holidays. Track closures for events and training days are posted in the “Events” Tab in menu. Please keep checking the “Events” calendar and our Face Book page for up dates. to avoid disappointment and unnecessary travel out to IKC track.

Please be reminded that at the end of every practice day, the last session with be 20 minutes before the gates shut. This is to ensure everyone is out of the complex at closing time.

Monday              CLOSED
Tuesday              CLOSED
Wednesday        4pm – 9pm
Thursday            9am – 4pm
Friday                 9am – 9pm
Saturday            8.30am – 5.30pm
Sunday               8.30am – 4.00pm

Practice Fees

IKC Members: $25.00 per day
IKC Members Family: $50.00 per day
Non-members: $40.00 per day

IKC Management reserve the right to change practice times or days if deemed appropriate.

Practice Rules
The following important rules must be followed at practice:

It is compulsory that drivers sign in at the Grid Office on the grid and pay their practice fee before going out on the track.

Drivers must present their KA Smart Card and Club Membership card. Unlicenced drivers or drivers without a club membership will not be allowed to practice.

All karts must conform to the relevant class rules in the current Karting Australia Manual.
All drivers must adhere to the Code of Driving Conduct on Karting Circuits in the current Karting Australia Manual.
Practice consists of a separate session for Cadet 9, Cadet 12, Juniors and Seniors, except where otherwise advised by the practice co-ordinator.

For further information, please read this document: Track Usage Rules