Ipswich Kart Club

Working Bee This Saturday

There will be a working bee this Saturday 29/07/2017 starting at 7:00am and going until 11:00am.  Please note that the track will be closed to practice during that time.  Please contact the secretary to confirm your attendance.

Working bee tasks
• Litter around the fence lines especially along the perimeter fence running along champions way
• Weed spraying of fence lines and round spectator areas
• Tyre wall construction for the area’s suggested at the state titles ( Nigel knows were)
• Blow down all hard surfaces (In / Out grid, presentation area etc)
• Move safety fences back as per Track Inspection report
• Clean out the bar area, remove old coke fridge and put up the new shelves that are in there
• Fix up the blue shade cloth around the grand stand
• Make a start on painting the curbs
• Clean up sticks and leaves fallen around the picnic area from the tree’s
• Replace the timber treads on the tables / chairs in the viewing area
• Install pool gate type lock on three gates.
• Weld 150mm x 100mm steel plate to fence post for the installation of the combination lock box.
• Fill in the track edges where chewed out.
• Wiper snipper along the fence in Champions Way
• Weed spray the edges of the gravel traps.