State Secretary Appointment

Please read below an email from Annette English:

Dear All

As you are all aware with the recent restructuring of Karting Qld, I accepted the position of Administration Officer and resigned as the State Secretary leaving a casual vacancy.  The executive in consultation with the SKC asked for expressions of interest in the position.

The executive is pleased to announce that Alex Jones has been appointed to fill this vacancy.  Alex is very passionate about the sport, successfully runs his own business and is looking forward to helping move our sport forward.  Alex is a member of the Emerald Kart Club’s committee and as per policy KQP-003 will resign.

The delegation of responsibility between the Secretary and Administration will take some time to refine however the A1 process is as always to be followed.  All official correspondence will be sent to the secretary where it will be registered on the Correspondence register.  All general day to day running can be sent directly to myself at eg. Query on sup regs, raceday documents, licence review requests, blue card forms etc.  If you are unsure who you should email please send to the Secretary and Alex will forward it on if need be.

Please bear with us during the change over period and should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact a member of the executive or myself.

Kind Regards

A English

Annette English

Qld Administration Officer

Phone: 0409 945 928



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IKC Driver Development Day 22nd September

Ipswich Kart Club have very successfully introduced many new members to karting through our recent Come and Try Days and to build on this success IKC will be hosting a Driver Development Day on Saturday the 22nd of September
This is another exciting initiative from IKC and will provide a fantastic opportunity for Cadets, Juniors and Seniors who are new to the sport of karting with either an E or D Grade Licence, to receive expert tuition from specialist driving instructors and also provide parents/guardians with some detailed education on kart preparation and setup, as well as an appreciation of our rules and regulations.
Further details and information on how to register will be forthcoming in a few days, but expressions of interest to participate or further detail can be requested at
Please see attached the revised timetable 2018 IKC Driver Development Day- Timetable – Rev 2

Cadet Beginners to be offered at IKC Round 6 – 20th October

Good news for any Cadet Beginners at IKC. For Club Round 6 on the 20th of October we will be offering the Cadet Beginners Class on the programme. On offer will be 3 demo sessions during the race programme. Entry Fee for Cadet Beginners will be $50.00 and this is the ideal opportunity for all those little kids that are currently practising often at IKC but are not yet racing, to have a “soft” introduction to competition. We have had quite a few new Cadets come through from our recent Come and Try Days and this may present a great opportunity for them to take the step in to competition. Our current licence gradings allow anyone just on a Practice Licence to compete in competition once a year, so this can also be taken advantage of for use in the Cadet Beginners Class. To register your interest and to ensure that we have sufficient numbers, please contact the IKC Junior Development Officer Russell Innes on


IKC Round 5 on September 8th will be the 3rd race meeting that we have offered the Clubday Challenge Program and the Driver Group Classifications have been updated to reflect some recent performances.

For IKC Members who will be racing in Club Round 5, please review the updated classifications and make sure you are listed in one of the groups. If you are not listed, please advise our Junior Development Officer Russell Innes on

So far over the 1st 2 Rounds that the Clubday Challenge Program has been of offer, the Group Winners have been,

IKC Round 3 –  William Sharp (Cadet 9, Group 2) Sebastian Bennet (Cadet 9, Group 3), Coby Govoni Cadet 12, Group 2) Dean Silcock (Cadet 12, Group 3) Harrison Lyne (KA4 Junior, Group 2) Alexander Hadden (KA4 Junior Group 3) Harrison Stock (TAG Restricted Light, Group 2) Jeremy Glover (TAG Restricted Light, Group 3) Peter Sattler (TAG Restricted Medium, Group 2) Craig Westwood (TAG Restricted Masters, Group 2)

IKC Round 4 – Jordan Sell (Cadet 9, Group 2) Mika Lemasurier (Cadet 9, Group 3) Alex Gardner (Cadet 12, Group 2) Hayden Sell (Cadet 12, Group 3) Ryan Hadden (KA4 Junior, Group 2) Alexander Hadden (KA4 Junior Group 3) Jared Boys (TAG Restricted Light, Group 2)  Simon Chadwick (TAG Restricted Light, Group 3) Brett Wells (TAG Restricted Medium, Group 2) and Anthony Roberts (TAG Restricted Masters, Group 2)

Who will be our Group Winners in IKC Club Round 5?

Clubday Challenge Program, Driver Group Classifications – Rev 6


6th July 2018


Karting Australia advises of a minor adjustment to the weights within the TaG 125 Classes and Divisions.

These adjustments have been made after assessing various data from results and consultation with the importers of the most used engines in the Class, along with information from leading competitors and independent industry members.  They recognise that some performance upgrades have been made to some of the TaG engines in recent months.

The adjustments approved at the most recent Karting Australia Board Meeting are:

TaG 125
IAME X30 – No change
PRD Galaxy – 3kg increase to the minimum weight
Rotax EVO – 5kg reduction to the minimum weight
All other eligible engines – No change

The implementation date will be Monday July 16.

There will be no change at this point in time to the Class Rules for the TaG 125 Restricted Class.

Karting Australia will continue to actively monitor the performance of the engines closely and assess any adjustments that may be required.  Any adjustments made will be made in the interests of ensuring that, as best we are able, engines are equal in performance across the TaG 125 group of Classes.