IKC Round 3, Pro Tour Shakedown, Pre Entries are now open.

CMS is now open to accept pre entries for IKC Round 3, the Pro Tour Shakedown on April 6th.

In addition to all the normal club round classes, we will have all the Rotax classes (Micro Max, Mini Max, JMax, Rotax Light, Rotax Heavy, DD2 and DD2 Masters) in the programme.

Club classes will be random grids with a Final only counts. Rotax classes will have Qualifying with a Final only counts.

IKC Round 3, Pro Tour Shakedown supp regs

Ipswich Club Day Challenge

This clubday challenge program has been designed to provide an opportunity for club members at
any skill level to compete in the development classes within the IKC club championship and be
provided with the opportunity to be successful against drivers of similar skill as they progress through
their karting journey

The program has been designed to promote cost effective social club level racing where parents and
competitors alike can strive to be successful on any budget and within their own personal skill level
to encourage members to remain in the sport of karting as they grow and develop as a driver.

The program will run in conjunction with the IKC Club Championship and all clubday driver
classification levels will be eligible for club championship points for their class.

The program is not designed or aimed at the performance level classes of the sport as drivers racing
in these classes should have enough experience and driving ability to compete at the level required
for performance classes as per the Karting Australia license requirement

Please click the link for further information

IKC – Clubday Challenge Program